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Reliable Data Labeling Service Provider

We are a Kyiv-based data annotators and labelers provider that helps your business take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence. We specialize in hiring data annotation professionals for companies from various industries with headquarters across multiple countries. So rest assured that your AI models and Machine Learning algorithms will be trained with high-quality labeled data. Since we hire professional data labeling specialists from Eastern Europe, you get accurately annotated datasets at cost-effective prices and have them delivered fast. We will be glad to become your trusted data labeling contractor for years. 


Data Annotation: Formats You Can Label

Whether you need to annotate videos, images, texts, geo-local data, or any other data type, we are here to help. Here’s what we can do for you:

Text Annotation

Our data labelers can analyze your texts in several ways. For example, sentiment annotation helps AI identify emotional components behind the words (negative, neutral, or positive). If you need to detect commands or requests, our annotators use intent labeling. We use a semantic segmentation approach when places, people, or various concepts have to be specified. And if your project requires finding connections between parts of the text, relationship correlation is applied.

Video Annotation

Whether your videos are long or short, our dedicated team of annotators will process them without any compression. Since we use the best data collection and labeling software, videos are annotated frame by frame to be delivered in the highest possible resolution. You’ll enjoy the perfect video segmentation that our specialists provide together with top-notch instruments. With our resegmenting tools, you get accurately labeled video within minutes.

Audio Annotation

There are several techniques for labeling files in audio format, like classifying the whole file, tracking specific events, or labeling separate sounds. However, the transcription of speech into text is one of the most popular types of annotation since virtual assistants and chatbots use NLP technology. And we are here to keep you up with the trends due to our decent speech annotation services.

Image Annotation

Computer vision can detect vehicles, animals, clothes, buildings, faces, and many more objects due to AI image recognition. And behind this decent technology are people who do data labeling of images properly. Our image processing services also include facial landmark annotation, so soon, your algorithms will be able to understand the geometry of a face. AI keeps thousands of “faceprints” as mathematical formulas –– the distance between eyes, nose, mouth, etc. However, with the possibility to identify people, data anonymization issues arise, but we have them resolved.

3D Sensor Fusion Data Labeling

This technique is also called 3D point cloud processing, and it’s one of the main components for LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) training. LiDAR measures the distance between the object and the earth’s surface –– using laser light pulses, a scanner, and a GPS receiver. Helicopters, airplanes, and drones collect pictures that our specialists transform into 3D images. So AI training data annotation for LiDAR requires professional touch that our data labeling agency can provide.

Geo-Local Data Annotation

Our teams structure raw location data so that it can be used for navigation software and on maps. We offer expert data manual labeling to train your ML models and ensure spot-checks and validation of the deliveries.


Data Annotation Services We Offer

Do you want to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your retail, eCommerce, or fashion business? Or do you wish to equip your healthcare, agriculture, security, or IT company with ML power to boost productivity? Then try our data labeling service right away, and here is what our experts offer.

2D Bounding Box Annotation

This is the most straightforward ML data annotation: labelers only need to put a box around the required object on an image or video. There can be one class of target objects (cars) or several (cars, bicycles, and buses). That’s how our data labelers help your machines recognize various objects and improve their computer vision with perfectly annotated datasets.

3D Cuboid Annotation

When an object on an image or video has the third dimension (depth), a better AI image recognition may require labeling such objects with 3D bounding boxes, also called cuboids. Our data labelers always accurately mark an object’s edges and properly approximate them if any part of an object is blocked.

Line and Polyline Annotation

Data annotation in the form of lines is required mainly for estimating a drone trajectory and indicating road boundaries for self-driving software. Artificial Intelligence behind autonomous driving absorbs information from multiple sensors and analyzes it immediately. And first of all, it needs to understand road marking; that’s why our data labelers are here to tag power lines, sidewalks, lanes, etc., for your Machine Learning project. This is how impressive autonomy totally depends on correct data annotation.

Polygon Segmentation

Our data annotation specialist uses polygonal labeling for non-rectangular objects on your images or video to achieve more accurate labeling and precise annotation. He plots points on apexes of the piece, and then they automatically get connected into a segmentation polygon. We apply this technique for tagging cars, buildings and their roofs, wearables, products in shops, people, and many more asymmetric objects from real life.

Semantic Segmentation

While with the previous techniques, we annotate only some objects on an image or video, with semantic segmentation, our specialists label every pixel of it. A data labeling specialist gets a list of tags from a data engineer with which he has to “color” the whole image. This happens because each tag (also called a segment) is tied to a particular color to distinguish objects clearly.

Image Classification

Using this technique, our data annotators tag the whole image with a single label. Each photo contains only one primary object, so nothing else has to be marked on it. This is how your AI learns image categorization and finds a probability that this is a cat and how cats differ from dogs. Though this task is elementary for humans, machines need thousands of pictures to learn that cats can be big and small, fluffy and hairless, with protruding ears and lop-eared ones, etc. So our annotation teams work on this task diligently.

Text Annotation Approaches

To make a text understandable for machines, our data annotator picks up specific words, expressions, and sentences and tags them with metadata labels. These marks help machines understand ideas behind the words, determine jokes, comparisons, parts of a sentence, and interrelationship between words. Such labeling is one of the first stages of NLP (Natural Language Processing) that is the main component for grammar checking software, spam filters, chatbots, search engines, and others. Our data annotators will help your AI model understand emotions, analyze intent, tag entities, and find relationships between text parts.


Industries We Serve with Data Labeling

AI would not be that intelligent without properly labeled data used by Machine Learning algorithms. But once you create a perfect base for Artificial Intelligence in your company, you can’t fail. Here are a few examples of how data annotation services can grow your business. 

Autonomous driving is impossible without detecting other vehicles, pedestrians, buildings, various objects, road signs, marks, and signal lights. Defining roads and parking zones are also essential for AI-powered cars. That’s why accurate data labeling in AI is crucial for self-driving cars.

AI technologies have taken over many industries, but the IT sector was probably the first. Securing financial, personal, and other sensitive data is an essential task that private companies and state organizations face. To increase automation, improve deployment, and enhance backend coding, labeling and structuring data is vital.

Data labeling in AI is successfully applied in detecting medical diagnoses. Annotation of MRI, CT, X-rays, and Ultrasound reports can train AI algorithms to detect even minor health anomalies and save many lives. For example, polygon annotation is used in dentistry, 2D bounding boxes –– in analyzing X-Rays, semantic segmentation –– to identify brain anomalies.

Data labeling for Machine Learning in the agriculture sector can monitor crop growth and fruit ripeness, detect and eliminate darnels, identify areas that require watering or fertilizing. Using AI in innovative vertical agriculture involves less human resources for more significant volumes of produced food. 

Real-time inventory management, shopping and human counts, customer interest in particular products are only a few examples of how Artificial Intelligence helps make customer interactions more effective. Predictive analysis and better personalization are critical factors for your brand success, while professional data annotators help to train your AI.

Massive datasets of telecoms include information about geolocation, bills, payments, use of mobile apps, network service, and many more. And once this Big Data is processed with prior annotation, telecom companies get access to valuable insights. The mined data allows to create a personalized customer experience and increase profits.

Training an AI model to detect car damages can help process insurance claims faster. Use images annotated by our data labeling specialists to evaluate possible damage and calculate preliminary insurance compensation.  

Video security systems use gigabytes of labeled images and videos recorded by cameras to inform you of potential risks. Thus, accurate facial landmark annotation and AI image recognition are crucial for delivering 24/7 surveillance and safety. 

Pictures taken by satellites and drones can assess the progress of construction and landscape building. Moreover, you can monitor the situation in the building area, control safety standards fulfillment and material usage. However, these tasks are impossible without high-quality data annotation.

3 Models Cooperation We Offer

Our data annotation company offers three collaboration models to choose the best options for your business needs. Each model is designed to meet different project requirements and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Managed Data Annotation Services

Big data projects require stable ongoing processing of large volumes of data. Choose our data annotation company, you get a managed team of expert data labelers dedicated to your project.

Part-Time Data Annotation Services

This option will be ideal if you start a small project and need limited annotation services. You’ll pay only for the agreed number of hours, saving your budget. The part-time data annotator will be dedicated to your project and have expertise in your niche.

Full-Time Data Annotation Specialist Fully Dedicated to Your Project

When, for instance, you want to outsource annotation services of one specialist for the entire working day, pick this model. You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee.

7 Reasons to Entrust Us to Your Data Annotation Project

Top-notch labeling tools. Our team is equipped with the best instruments to process your raw data of any quantity and quality. We deliver annotated data of high accuracy and integrity, so you can train AI models and grow business efficiency. 

Professional team. We put together dedicated professionals hired from trusted environments –– we don’t work with freelancers or crowdsource platforms. Your team will be thoroughly trained on the annotation project to apply all the requirements, no matter how specific they are.

Quick results. Rest assured that we are doing our best to complete your assignment at the earliest opportunity. Our customized workflows ensure fast delivery of results. This approach helps us always fulfill our commitments, so your project deadlines won’t have to be shifted. 

Scalable projects.  As your data annotation project starts, you can try to complete the task using your own resources. But often, as your project progresses, additional demands appear, and you may unexpectedly need more data annotators –– that you don’t have. To avoid such failures, we offer hiring our qualified data labelers from the start and have your large-scale projects secured.

coding labeling and structuring data

Flexible pricing. We offer data annotation services at cost-effective prices. Whether you are ready to invest thousands of dollars or have limited financial opportunities, we can provide a win-win deal to you. We are happy to negotiate potential discounts with loyal customers, so it’s up to you to decide whether to contract a one-time project or choose long-term cooperation. We have budget-friendly options for every client. 

Performance tracking. We are proud that our efficiency is transparent and can be easily tracked right in the annotation software we use. To ensure that their assigned teams work super efficiently, our clients can always check how long our specialists process files and how accurate the result is. 

Secured data. We work in compliance with such security standards as EU GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA policies to eliminate any data privacy risk. MyDataAnnotation is a trusted data rating & labeling contractor because we store all the data in an encrypted environment. Moreover, we use security standards like biometric authentication and scanning for exceptional information protection.

To hire a skilled data annotator on a remote basis, get in touch with us today!


Frequently Asked Questions About Data Annotation Services

What are data labeling and annotation services, and how do they work?

Data labeling and annotation services involve adding metadata, tags, or labels to raw data such as images, text, audio, and video to make it more easily understandable and useful for machine learning algorithms. 

How do I choose a reliable data annotation company?

When choosing a data annotation service provider, you should consider their experience, expertise, and reliability. Check for reviews and testimonials from previous clients to ensure you are choosing a reputable provider.

What are the benefits of outsourcing data annotation services?

Outsourcing AI data annotation services can help reduce costs, improve accuracy and quality, increase productivity, and provide access to specialized expertise.

What are some specific applications of data annotation services?

Data annotation services have many applications in different industries:

  • Insurance data annotation:
    Insurance companies use data annotation to extract information from documents, such as policy forms, claims, and invoices;
  • Audio annotation companies:
    They help to annotate speech data, such as transcribing interviews or labeling sound effects;
  • Video labeling services:
    They involve adding labels and tags to video data for object detection, tracking, and recognition;
  • LIDAR annotation services:
    Adding labels and tags to LIDAR data for autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotics;
  • NLP annotation services:
    NLP companies help to label text data for sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and language translation.

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