Audio Annotation Services

Strengthen your business by adopting front-line automation technologies powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms through our remote audio annotation and labeling services.

Why Should You Outsource Audio/Speech Annotation Services?

Interpreting and labeling audio sources is a very fundamental process in developing training data for machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) projects. But this is a lengthy, repetitive, and secondary business process, which should be outsourced for numerous reasons such as:

  • Reduction in cost – Outsourcing audio annotation, labeling, and allied services to remote destinations saves you substantial cost due to competitive salaries and reduced management cost in other countries like Ukraine.
  • Specialized human resources – The providers of audio annotation, labeling, music classification, and other services remotely are domain-specialists with diverse experience and expertise in this industry. They provide expert-level services.
  • Access to the right talent/skill – Outsourcing offers access to a huge pool of talent across the globe to find out the right talent with the right skills to annotate audio data professionally.
  • Increased team productivity – Normally, the outsourced teams are located in different geographical locations and time-zones, which allow efficient use of time of the day in multiple shifts. Thus, the diverse teams are more productive.
  • Greater work quality – Audio annotation, environmental sound recognition and classification, and audio labeling services offered by specialized resources produce higher quality because they are well-trained and experienced in this domain.
  • Faster scalability – Scaling up or down any audio annotation and labeling team remotely is very fast and easy. You can increase your staff through multiple ways of hiring such as outstaffing, project-based hiring, task-based recruitment, and others very quickly.
  • More focus on core processes – Outsourcing the secondary processes of your company provides you with additional time to focus on the fundamental business ideas and processes to add deeper strategic power to your enterprise.

What Data Annotation Service We Offer to Our Clients?

We are a specialized provider of remote audio annotation teams to our valued clients across the globe. Our audio annotation company is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. We offer top-quality outstaffing services to build dedicated teams of audio annotators and labelers in Ukraine that work under your control. Top features of our service that make us stand out of our competitors include:

  • End-to-end solution – We offer comprehensive recruitment services that includes requirement analysis, professional suggestions, sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, and follow-up support. Our team always focuses on providing value to our clients to build a long-term business relationship.
  • Competitive prices – Our recruitment services are highly competitive in the marketplace. We offer fixed and transparent prices without any hidden charges at all.
  • High quality/cost ratio – Recruiting audio annotation and labeling staff with us offers great quality/cost ratio, which is very vital for all types of businesses.
  • Faster turnaround time – We focus on providing the required audio annotation and labeling staff at exactly the time when our clients need them.
  • Managed services – Our remote team building services are fully-managed. We accomplish all tasks in the entire consulting and hiring process professionally on your behalf. Yes, the final approval is always yours!

Diverse Types of Services Offered by an Audio Annotator Team We Hire

Audio annotation companies play an essential role in unlocking the value of audio data for businesses across a range of industries. Our company recruits highly qualified and skilled audio annotator who can offer a wide range of services commonly used in audio data annotation, labeling, and related services, such as:

audio annotation services

Sound Labeling

Sorting out different types of sounds in an audio file and labeling them with certain tags is referred to as sound labeling. The sounds of specific instruments or any other source in a recording are examples of sound labeling. The audio annotators we hire can provide sound labeling service perfectly.

Event Tracking

Detecting a certain sound event in an audio recording is called event tracking. There numerous sources of sound simultaneously adding into a recording. Detecting a specific sound event through different tools is an example of event tracking, which is provided by the audio annotator we hire.

Speech to Text Transcription

Converting an audio speech into text transcription with full accuracy in spelling, punctuation, and sound tagging is called speech to text transcription service, which is offered by the teams we hire for our clients professionally.

Audio Classification

Listening, sorting, and analyzing the audio recording for further tagging pertaining to the categories of audio is called audio classification. The audio labeling staff we hire can provide audio classification service meticulously.

Audio Transcription Services

Either through the latest automatic speech recognition (ASR) tools or manually conversion of recorded audio files into text is called audio transcription service. A professional-level speech transcriber we hire can provide this service accurately.

Speech Labeling

Figuring out, separating, and labeling with specific metadata to certain sounds in an audio recording is known as speech labeling. Different types of ontologies such as persons, sentiments, music, animals, and others are used to label speeches for building effective training data for NLP projects. The speech annotators we recruit can perform this service perfectly.

Multilingual Audio Data Services

Annotating, classifying, and tagging multilingual audio for building accurate training datasets for translation purposes is known as multilingual audio data services, which are provided perfectly by the teams we recruit.

Multi Label Annotation

Multi label annotation is a process of labeling audio files with a wide range of labels for more clarity and accuracy with the help of numerous labels such as persons, sentiments, instruments, and others. This helps differentiate multiple sources in a file. Audio annotators we recruit can provide this service professionally.

hire audio labeler in ukraine

Why Choose Us as a Trustworthy Audio/Video Annotation Partner?

A range of clients chooses us as a responsible and reliable provider of professional audio and video annotation teams due to:

  • Professionalism – Our company believes in full-professionalism by providing highly expert remote audio labeler teams through a customer-focused approach.
  • Transparent pricing – We believe in transparency of communication, prices, and commitments. We charge fixed rates without any no-hidden or additional charges.
  • Quality on priority – Our service is powered by the mission to provide greater quality on a priority basis so that our clients feel valued.
  • Continual support – We always try to establish long-term relationships with our clients by providing continual support and consulting services for team augmentation, change management, or fulfilling any other HR requirements of our clients.
  • Cost saving – Our company believes in providing highly competitive prices for recruitment and also on the account of salaries of the hired candidates to save a reasonable amount for our clients.

How Does Our Audio Labeler Recruiting Process Work?

  1. Get in touch with us through a contact form
  2. Provide us your requirements and desirable upshots you want to achieve
  3. We analyze your requirements and desired goals and suggest a suitable solution.
  4. Approve the suggested solution. We start the hiring process.
  5. We source and shortlist the relevant candidates for your further approval for conducting a series of interviews.
  6. Our team conducts multiple interviews with your consent and recommends candidates for hire
  7. Approve the recommended candidates. We finalize the documentation process.
  8. Sign a contract with the hired candidates with full details.
  9. We take the hired candidate on-board by introducing them to your existing team and workflows.  

If you want to partner with a trustworthy agency for remote team building, get in touch with us and hire a highly qualified remote audio labeler in Ukraine now!