Image Annotation Services

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What Is Image Annotation?

Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the computer vision and image recognition capabilities of your artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) projects by crafting highly professional training datasets through our specialized image labeling services.

Image annotation, pivotal for image tagging in computer-vision-based projects, is a process employed in the realms of artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan, construe, and tag images with relevant keywords. During this procedure, images are meticulously marked with predefined labels by an image annotator using specialized software. These annotated images then serve as a robust training dataset, enabling machines to accurately interpret the objects within the frame of an annotated image.

There are diverse methods within the image annotation process, each designed to provide intricate details for the deep learning capabilities of machines. The choice among these methods hinges on the specific applications being developed. A more profound level of image annotation is essential for mission-critical applications that demand the utmost precision to yield exceptionally accurate results.

How Does Photo Annotation Enhance ML/AI Projects?

The image annotation process, including image tagging services, is crucial for ML/AI projects like driverless cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, and more. The precision and effectiveness of a computer-vision application hinge greatly on the quality of the image annotation and image tagging processes used to construct comprehensive datasets. When these datasets are crafted with expert-level annotation and tagging of image files by qualified specialists, the outcomes of machine learning projects are enhanced significantly to produce:

  • Higher level of accuracy
  • Easier to understand for computers
  • Faster processing of images
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Better performance of apps
  • High-quality development

How Do We Can Help in Image Annotation for Machine Learning Services?

We are a Ukraine-based professional-grade company headquartered in Kyiv, the largest IT hub in the country. Our company provides image, video, text, and data annotation services for our valued clients across the globe.

Our remote data labeling services stand out from many of our competitors due to numerous great features and benefits such as:

Competitive price

We provide highly affordable rates in the market without compromising on the quality of eservice at all. Our company offers extremely transparent and fixed pricing plans without any hidden charges.  

Fully managed service

Our company offers the outsourced hiring services that are completely managed under the specialized team of industry experts. You get hassle-free and consistent services without dedicating additional time for managing the recruitment process.

Customized solutions

We help our clients in suggesting the most tailored solutions that your business needs. Our team collects the requirements of our clients and suggests the most suitable solution that is 100% matching with the requirements.


Our services are designed to provide end-to-end HR outsourcing solutions to help our clients from all domains of industries across the globe in annotating images and other forms of data for artificial intelligence projects.

Greater cost/quality ratio

The ratio of cost vs quality that our company offers is one of the highest values in the marketplace. Our team maintains a strong focus on quality to achieve the best possible ratio.

Top Photo Labeling Services We Offer

Explore the top photo annotation services we provide to meet your specific data annotation needs:

2D Bounding Box Annotation

This is one of the most basic techniques for annotating and labeling photos and images. A two-dimension bounding box is used to identify an object in terms of width and height in an image. The 2D bounding box is used to define a general category of the objects such as cars, men, motorbikes, buses, trees, and others. The data labelers we hire for our clients can offer high-quality 2D bounding box annotation services smoothly.  

3D Bounding Box Annotation

A 3D bounding box is also referred to as 3D cuboid annotation, which uses a three-dimensional box (width, height, depth) to annotate the image files of general object with better accuracy in marking edges of an object for effective computer vision. This technique of labeling image is extensively used for applications that provide a deeper understanding of the objects. You can get perfect support for 3D bounding box annotation services by the staff we hire for you.

Image Tagging Services

Image tagging services refer to labeling similar items with a name, which is a useful tag for computer vision applications to interpret an object. Multiple items of similar types are tagged as their names in an image or video frame. Image tagging is extensively used in eCommerce, marketing, and advertising applications. The professionals we hire for our clients can provide image tagging services with a high level of accuracy sacrificing quality and speed.

Polygon Annotation

Polygon annotation is a technique to interpret an image with an irregular geometrical shape. In this technique, different peaks or vertexes of an image are marked and plotted into a shape with more accurate understanding. Polygon annotation is extensively used in building datasets for understanding objects like daily use products, building parts, mechanical parts, and the likes. The image and  text annotation experts we hire can provide polygon annotation service professionally.

Landmark Annotation

The understanding of different landmarks of an object in an image or a video frame by a computer vision application is done through landmark annotation. A feature or landmark of an image is marked with a sequence of points in a specific area to help machines interpret that landmark through specified tags. Facial recognition, healthcare, insurance, automotive, and other industries use landmark annotation extensively. The specialist staff we hire can provide landmark annotation services impeccably.   

Line/Polyline Annotation

Annotation of road lines and other linear structures on image files is commonly referred to as polyline annotation. This tagging technique involves interpreting linear structures through multiple lines connected with each other. Such image tagging is extensively used in the automobile industry for driverless operations, robotics, and other related sectors. The image annotation teams we onboard for our clients also provide top-notch line, polyline, and tagging services, ensuring the highest quality in every project.

Semantic Image Segmentation

Semantic image segmentation is detailed-orientation labeling of the pixels on an object to help computers understand the image with deeper features such as colors, contours, and others. The annotation of facial landmarks is an example of semantic segmentation. The staff we hire can annotate images with all predefined tags, keywords or segmentations perfectly.

Image Masking Service

Image masking is a process in which the backdrops or a certain part of an object is either removed or highlighted with the help of a mask or a layer. Different image editing tools use different techniques and terminologies to remove or highlight the area of an image. The image annotation experts we hire for our clients can provide accredited image masking services by using different types of image masking processes perfectly and tagging images.

Image Data Collection

Image data collection is a process to collect the detailed information of an image in digital form and tagged with a particular label. This process may start from collecting the most suitable image from the real-world environment or from any web sources and annotating all features of the image and tag them to build an accurate and effective dataset for machine learning algorithms. The teams we hire can provide high-quality image data collection services flawlessly.  

Image Categorization

Image categorization is a process of tagging the objects or items in an image to predefined categories of that particular object. The machine learning image classification training sets are extensively used for eCommerce and retail applications in ML/AI projects. The remote staff we recruit for our clients for image annotation and labeling tasks can also offer image categorization services perfectly.

Image Transcription

Converting the information written on the images in text, signs, diagrams, and other forms into more accessible machine-interpretable digital information and metadata formats with the help of image annotation and labeling is referred to as image transcription. This process is extensively used in healthcare, automatic cars, street signs, application forms, receipts, and others. Our image annotators can provide image transcription services professionally.

Main Industries Served by Our Image Labelers

Our team includes qualified image labeler and data annotator that have expertise in serving in a wide range of industries such as:


According to the  Facts and Factors Research forecast, the global market size of autonomous driving is projected to reach $64.88 billion by 2026 from just $23.33 billion in 2020 with a whopping growth of over 22.7% CAGR. Autonomous driving is considered the future of the automobile industry. It uses image recognition, annotation and labeling extensively for building detailed training datasets for computer-vision models used in this industry. The data and image annotators we recruit can provide perfect service in this industry.

eCommerce and Retail

The retail eCommerce revenue is expected to cross  $6.388 trillion by 2024 from just $4.280 trillion in 2020. The use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is expected to reach  $3.2 billion by 2026 with a gigantic growth rate of over 28.4% CAGR during 2021-2026. The increased growth and usage of modern technologies powered by AI/ML models increases the use of data annotation services in this industry. The staff we hire can provide the best services in this sector.


The most common annotation services required by companies in the healthcare sector include CT scans, X-Rays, PET scans, MRIs, Mammograms, ultrasound, medical prescriptions, and others. The data annotation and image labelers we recruit can provide full support in the healthcare industry.

Information Technology

Information technology uses data annotation and labeling services for the development of a wide range of IT applications used in AR/VR, SaaS technologies, Cybersecurity, internet of things (IoT), remote support, and others. The specialists we hire for our clients can provide full support in the IT industry.

Information Technology

Information technology uses data annotation and labeling services for the development of a wide range of IT applications used in AR/VR, SaaS technologies, Cybersecurity, internet of things (IoT), remote support, and others. The specialists we hire for our clients can provide full support in the IT industry.

text labeler team

Why Choose Us as a Reliable Image Annotation Outsourcing Partner?

Our company is a highly professional provider of remote recruitment and tagging services, encompassing areas like image tagging for various image files. Our offerings are characterized by a broad spectrum of features and business advantages for our clients. Our remote outsourced services grant businesses access to a vast pool of specialists, competitive prices, high-quality work, and a professional staff attitude. As we delve into the nuances of image tagging and other specialized services, we prioritize developing long-term business relationships with our clients, ensuring continual support to maximize the value derived from our services.

Top Values We Offer to Our Clients:

  • Cost saving through competitive prices
  • Increased team productivity and effectiveness
  • Improved business performance and efficiency
  • Enhanced time-to-market and business competitive-edge
  • Faster scalability and flexibility to modify requirements quicker
  • Filling of skills, talent, and technology gaps effectively

3 Models Cooperation We Offer

Our image annotation outsourcing service offers three models of cooperation to help you create and scale your image object annotations services and improve the quality of your annotations. Each model is designed to meet different project requirements and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Managed Image Annotation Service:

This model is ideal for larger projects that require multiple annotation types, such as polygon annotation outsourcing, and need to be completed within a specific timeline.

Part-Time Image Annotation Specialist:

For smaller projects that require a specific key consistent level of attention, our part-time model may be a good fit.

Full-Time Annotation Specialist:

If your project requires a dedicated-full-time image annotation specialist on a long-term basis, this model can be the best fit for you.

As an image annotation company, we fully understand the importance of precise annotations. Our annotators have rich experience in multiple industries. This helps us to provide a custom solution that will fit your specific images’ needs. By choosing our image annotation outsourcing services, you save your time and resources allocating them to your business growth.

If you are looking for professional-grade data annotation services, get in touch with us and hire a remote image labeler now!

How Does Our Image Annotation Services Work?

Availing of our specialized services for image annotation and data labeling is easy and simple such as:

  • Contact us by filling out a contact form
  • Describe your requirements and desirable expectations from the annotation services.
  • After evaluating the specifics of your project, we’ll give you a cost estimate along with a comprehensive proposal that describes the range of services we’ll provide and the expected completion schedule.
  • Upon accepting our estimate, you will receive an invoice. As soon as the payment is processed, we’ll begin our joint effort to meet your text annotation requirements.