Text Annotation Services

What Is PDF Annotation?

PDF annotation refers to the process of adding notes, comments, highlights, or other types of markers to a PDF file to provide additional information or clarify specific content within the document. With the rise of digital documentation, the need to annotate a PDF has become increasingly common, whether for academic, professional, or personal purposes. 

A PDF annotation tool is a specialized software or feature that facilitates this process, allowing users to seamlessly interact with the content, make necessary modifications, or simply add their insights. By using a PDF annotation tool, one can enhance the utility and clarity of a document, making it more informative and collaborative for its readers. Whether you’re reviewing a report, providing feedback on a draft, or collaborating on a project, PDF annotation ensures that every detail is captured and communicated effectively.

Intro to Our Text & PDF Annotation Services

In the digital age, text is everywhere, and its meaningful interpretation, enhanced with the right text box and markup tools, is the key to unlocking a wealth of insights. At My Data Annotation, we understand the profound value of structured and annotated text data. Our Text Annotation Services, equipped with advanced annotation features, are designed to transform raw text into a rich tapestry of information, making it ready for advanced analytics, machine learning, and more.

Whether you’re delving into sentiment analysis, natural language processing, or any other data-driven endeavor, our expert annotators ensure that every word, sentence, and paragraph is meticulously labeled using the best markup tools, offering clarity and depth to your projects.

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Why to Build a Remote Text Annotator Team?

Building a remote team to annotate text in different formats for creating detailed training datasets for a wide array of machine learning (ML) algorithms is inspired by numerous great reasons in the shape of perks to projects.

Top Perks to Your Project for Building a Remote Text Annotation Team:

  • Cost – Text annotation as well as text clustering and labeling through remote annotators saves you substantial cost. You can choose one of the most competitive markets like Ukraine for text annotation services.
  • Comprehensiveness – Recruiting remote specialists text annotators improve the extensiveness of the project through their domain-expertise, detailed-orientation, and awareness of the modern technologies, trends, and techniques commonly adopted for NLP labeling text entities.
  • Productivity – Building a remote team for text annotation improves the overall performance of the teams significantly. The core team gets more time to focus on the fundamental business ideas and processes.
  • Speed – The dedicated annotators recruited remotely improve the speed of text data collection, annotation, and labeling due to their experience in performing similar types of tasks repetitively.
  • Performance – The performance of NLP-based applications increases significantly due to the use of accurate, detailed-oriented, and professional-grade annotation of the files done by the remote specialists.
  • Accuracy – Dedicated remote   data annotator helps improve the accuracy of data annotation so that machine learning models understand the meaning of the text more accurately.
  • Scalability – Hiring remote text annotators is very fast and flexible to scale up and down as the project requirements change. Thus, the cost, timeline, and quality of the project remains as per predefined benchmarks.

How Can We Assist in Building Dedicated
Text Labeling and Annotation Team Remotely?

Recruitment Consulting

You just provide us your requirements and the objectives to achieve. Our experts will assess, analyze, and propose the most suitable solution that is 100% in line with the requirements of your projects.

New Team Building

We can help you build a new team from scratch based on your requirements and investigation of the existing resources of your company. We can hire a multi-discipline data annotation team for text, video, and   audio annotation services under one-roof.

Team Extension

If you already have a hybrid team and want to extend it to meet your increased requirements, we can help you with perfect service to augment your team with the most suitable specialists that your business deserves.

Tailored Solutions

Our company can also provide you with the tailored recruitment solutions based on different models of hiring such as outstaffing, project-based hiring, task-based recruitment, timebound hiring, and others that can serve your business goals perfectly.

Continual Support

We focus on building a long-term relationship with our clients by providing continual support much faster at the time when our clients need the most. We keep our services highly customer-focused, solution-oriented, and transparent.

Text Annotation Services That We Offer

Our experienced text annotation machine learning specialists are capable of completing wide range of services, such as:

Text Transcription

Converting an audio or video talk into text is commonly referred to as text transcription. In machine learning models, the use of high-quality text transcription and conversion of the text printed in a digital image into a machine-readable text through optical character recognition OCR transcription play a vital role. Our professionals provide text transcription and OCR transcription services perfectly.

Text Categorization and Classification

Text categorization or classification is a process used in NLP-powered applications. In this process, a wide range of predefined categories is assigned to the text through different tags such as type of text, quality, sentiment, fluency, and many others. Our text annotation experts provide text categorization and classification services professionally.

NLP Named Entity Recognition

There are several techniques for labeling files in audio format, like classifying the whole file, tracking specific events, or labeling separate sounds. However, the transcription of speech into text is one of the most popular types of annotation since virtual assistants and chatbots use NLP technology. And we are here to keep you up with the trends due to our decent speech annotation services.

Entity Classification

This is the subtask of text data collection from a pool of unstructured text data. In this process, text items tagged with a predefined category such as location, names, values, and likes are assigned to the entities mentioned in the text data. Our professional text annotation and labeling services can perform entity classification tasks flawlessly.

Entity Linking

Entity linking is a process of linking the named entities tagged through named-entity recognition (NER) to the detailed information available in a knowledge base on the web. This makes the automated data extraction process more meaningful in machine learning projects. Our text annotation services can provide entity linking services perfectly.

Intent Analysis

Intent analysis is another useful process NLP/ML project to assess the tendency of the writer in the written text. The most common characteristics used for intent analysis include complaint, persuasiveness, purchasing or selling intent, crime, love, training, and others. Our text annotators provide a perfect service of intent analysis.

Semantic Annotation

Semantic annotation is a process to provide the concept and context of the data in an unstructured text. This process improves the interpretability of the text by tagging with different ontologies such as concept, context, categories, and others. Our text annotation experts can provide semantic annotation services perfectly.  

Phrase Chunking

Phrase chunking is a process of text tagging in terms of parts of speech and other grammatical concepts to provide a better understanding of the unstructured data for NLP-powered computer applications. The most common use case of phrase chunking in machine learning apps is translation of text in multiple languages.

Metadata Labeling

Adding a tag in the form of a keyword or a phrase including the keyword to the unstructured piece of data that describes the meaning of that piece of text is known as metadata labeling. This adds more interpretation to text for computer-based ML/AI projects.

Text Sentiment Analysis

Text sentiment analysis, often termed as an opinion-mining process, is crucial when diving into the depths of a PDF document. This involves analyzing lengthy text messages, even those in a PDF annotator, in terms of sentiments using NLP and machine learning models. These models assign weightage or scores to long text message items, capturing the sentiments of the writer. Text sentiment analysis is frequently employed in evaluating product reviews, social blogs, social media comments, and likes. Our specialists are adept at providing professional-grade text sentiment analysis services, ensuring every nuance in a PDF document is accurately interpreted.

Key Industries Served by the Our Document Annotation Specialists

Our company specializes in document annotation and labeling services with different text and pdf annotation tools that can serve a wide range of industries and enable users to create, such as:


The use of text and annotation tools, software and services in healthcare industries is substantially huge in the forms of editing of medical history, pathology reports, prescriptions, and many other reports in hard copies, which need to be converted, saved, and managed in a database frequently. The specialists we hire can accomplish all NLP-based text processing in this industry.


Scanning, tagging, linking, analyzing, and converting printed text into digital images, especially in the form of PDF files, and vice versa in the shapes of checks, credit letters, loan applications, mortgage documents, and online financial services are crucial use cases in the finance industry. With the increasing need to annotate a PDF, our teams are adept at PDF annotation, ensuring that notes and insights are seamlessly integrated into your financial documents.


The entire commerce industry is highly influenced by the fastest adoption of eCommerce in both retail as well as B2B businesses. The use of ML/AI models in eCommerce is huge in the form of brand management, sentiment analysis, behavior assessment, automated ticket management, AR/VR integration, chatbots, call centers, and others. Our text annotators serve the eCommerce industry professionally.


Governments have huge piles of data in the written text on hard copies and file formats of pdf documents. Enriching those documents with the power of machine learning models will bring more efficiency to the modern government processes in the connected world. Our data annotation specialists can serve government departments perfectly to increase the adoption of ML/AI models.

Social Media

The use of text mining and analysis in social media, including the ability to annotate a PDF, brings a high level of business intelligence to companies. Through the analysis of reviews, comments, interests, sentiments, and other information found even within a PDF file, businesses gain deeper insights. This can be accomplished through the effective use of NLP/ML projects. Our text and PDF annotation experts skilled can serve this industry effectively.

3 Models of Cooperation We Offer

Our text annotation service presents three distinct collaboration models to cater to your annotation demands and enhance your machine learning model’s quality. Each model is crafted to accommodate various project needs and can be customized to align with your specific requirements.

Managed Text Annotation Service:

Perfect for extensive projects that necessitate diverse annotation styles and have a set deadline.

Part-Time Annotation Specialist:

This model is suitable for smaller projects that demand consistent quality and focus.

Dedicated Annotation Expert:

For projects that need an unwavering, full-time text or pdf annotation professional over an extended period, this model is the optimal choice.

Top Benefits of Partnering with Our Data Annotator Agency

Navigating the complex world of data annotation demands a partner with expertise, precision, and a commitment to excellence. Discover why partnering with Our Data Annotator Agency is a strategic move, offering unparalleled benefits that elevate your data-driven endeavors to new heights:

  • Reduction in recruitment and operational cost significantly
  • Improved productivity and efficiency of your teams
  • Increased competitive-edge and profit margins
  • Faster software development and project completion
  • Enhanced quality of NLP-projects of your company
  • Continual support for future requirements
  • Faster turnaround time with fully-managed model of service
  • Access to a large pool of talent and skill set
  • Customer-oriented solutions tailored to their requirements

Additional Data Annotation Services We Offer

Video annotation

Audio transcription

LiDAR annotation

Content moderation

Audio annotation & classification

Image annotation & segmentation

Product categorization

If you are looking to build a remote team for text annotation service, get in touch with us and hire a qualified remote text labeler in Ukraine now!


What exactly is PDF and Text Annotation?

PDF and Text Annotation involves adding notes, highlights, comments, or labels to specific parts of a text within a PDF or other text documents. This helps in making the content more understandable, searchable, and useful, especially for machine learning and data analysis purposes.

Why should I choose My Data Annotation for these services?

My Data Annotation boasts a team of experts skilled in the nuances of text data. Our services are tailored to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and quality, making your annotated data ready for any analytical or machine-learning application.

Can I customize the annotation process to fit my project’s needs?

Absolutely! We offer a Customized Annotation Approach, allowing you to tailor our services to your project’s specific requirements, ensuring you get precisely what you’re looking for.

How do you ensure the quality of annotations?

Quality is paramount to us. We employ a rigorous quality control process, including random checks, peer reviews, and utilizing advanced tools to ensure the highest level of accuracy in our annotations.

What’s the difference between part-time and full-time annotation services?

Our part-time service is designed for businesses seeking flexibility, where you pay only for the hours worked. In contrast, the full-time service provides a dedicated annotator for your project, billed on a monthly salary basis, ensuring a consistent focus on your tasks.

How do you handle sensitive or confidential data in the documents?

At My Data Annotation, we prioritize data security. All our processes are compliant with global data protection regulations. We ensure that your data remains confidential, and we can also sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) upon request.

Can I get a sample of an annotated PDF or text before committing?

Yes, we offer sample annotations for potential clients to showcase our expertise and quality. Please reach out to our team to request a sample tailored to your needs.

How is the pricing determined for PDF and Text Annotation Services?

Pricing is determined based on the complexity of the task, the volume of data, and the chosen model of cooperation (Customized, Part-time, or Full-time). For a detailed quote, please contact our sales team.

What formats, apart from PDF, do you support for text annotation?

We support a wide range of text formats, including DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, and more. If you have a specific format in mind, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

How do I get started with My Data Annotation’s PDF and Text Annotation Services?

Simply fill out the contact form below and share your annotation requirements. Our professional team will contact you within a few hours to discuss your project and how our data annotation services can help you achieve your goals.

How To Order Our Remote Text Annotation Services

Embarking on your text and pdf annotation tool journey with us is straightforward and hassle-free. Follow our simple steps to leverage our remote text and pdf annotations services and elevate your data-driven projects.

  • Contact us by filling out the inquiry form.
  • Detail your expectations and objectives for our annotation services.
  • Once we review your project specifics, we’ll give you a cost estimate and a comprehensive plan highlighting the services we’ll deliver and their expected completion dates.
  • Upon your acceptance of our estimate, we’ll send you an invoice.
  • Once we verify your payment, we’ll begin working together to meet your audio annotation requirements.