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What Is Video Annotation?

Boost the accuracy, quality, and performance of training data for your computer vision projects through dedicated remote video annotation teams for detecting, segmenting, and labeling video training datasets professionally.

Detecting different objects in a video file or stream through multiple annotation techniques is known as video annotation. This process is performed for building datasets used in training the machines for a wide range of computer vision (CV) applications based on certain machine learning (ML) algorithms. Annotating a video clip is done frame-by-frame to capture all objects with different annotated lines so that the machines can be trained to recognize those objects.

The most common applications of video annotation for deep learning include autonomous vehicles, moving object tracking, telemetry applications, industrial automation, security surveillance, and many others. Video and annotation process is a kind of monotonous process in which repetitive activities are performed by the annotation video specialists. The data gets bulkier due to multi-frame annotation, which poses a challenge for companies to handle. Companies prefer to outsource video data collection, annotation, labeling, segmentation, and related processes to achieve number of benefits.

Benefits of Setting Up a Remote Team
for Video Labeling

We are a Ukraine-based professional-grade company headquartered in Kyiv, the largest IT hub in the country. Our company provides image, video, text, and  data annotation services for our valued clients across the globe. Our team specializes in offering end-to-end human resources recruitment solutions such as HR consultancy, building new teams, extending existing teams, project-based hiring, and other customized HR solutions.  

Our remote data annotation services stand out from many of our competitors due to numerous great features and benefits such as:

Cost saving

Remote teams cost less than building an online team for motion tracking video annotation and labeling. Enterprises save substantial cost in outsourcing video annotation services to competitive destinations like Ukraine.

Greater accuracy

Remote teams are fully focused to work dedicatedly on video annotation tasks, which need extra caution and care. This helps in achieving a great level of accuracy due their experience and personal skills to handle repetitive tasks professionally.

Time saving

Outsourcing secondary processes like video annotation and labeling saves substantial time for the core business teams to focus on the primary processes and the fundamental business ideas.

Faster time-to-market

Delegating time-consuming and monotonous tasks such as video and image annotation accelerates your development timeline and gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

Sky is the limit

Outsourcing is a wide-open market; you are not bound under the geographical markets. You can choose the best resource from the most competitive and high-quality destinations in the world such as Ukraine and others.

Top Services Offered by a Video Labeler We Recruit

Whether you want to annotate YouTube video or a normal video in any format, our video labelers provide you with full support to accomplish your task professionally. Top services offered include:

2D Bounding Box

The 2D bounding box is the most basic technique used to annotate video for detecting the objects contained in a particular video. In this technique, a two-dimensional box denoting length and width is used to train a computer vision project to interpret an object in the video. Our video annotators provide 2D bounding box annotation perfectly.

3D Boxes

The 3D boxes are a type of annotation technique used for providing more details of an object to the computer vision models. This technique measures three dimensions such as width, length, and depth of an object through a 3D cuboid shape. The most common use case of this technique is autonomous vehicles to track surrounding objects.

Landmark Detection

Landmark detection is a very common service used in facial landmark detection and other similar kinds of applications such as sentiment detection, change tracking, and others. In this technique, a sequence of points is used to detect the features, motion, and related characteristics of an object in a video through multiple-frame annotations.

Lines and Splines

It is a very common technique used for delimiting the boundaries of an object, especially the road lines, cross-overs, pavements, and others. Lines and splines are used to mark the starts and ends of the objects for smooth driving of autonomous cars. Our video annotation experts provide lines and splines services precisely.  

Video Tagging/Labeling

Video tagging or labeling is a process of adding identification of an annotated object in a video. In this process, video labelers choose a predefined label for a particular object in the frame to tag it for building a training dataset. Our video labelers provide video tagging and labeling services perfectly.

Video Categorization

Video categorization is also referred to as video classification in computer vision (CV) models. In this process, a piece of video is classified with metadata to describe it more clearly so that machines can interpret it with complete information in it. Our video annotation specialists offer video categorization services flawlessly.

Video Semantic Segmentation

Video semantic segmentation process pertains to breaking a video into multiple frames and tagging the items in that particular video for their most matching categories such as a person, vehicles, shops, and others. Our video labeling experts provide a professional-grade video semantic segmentation service easily.

Key Point Annotation

Key point annotation is used for detecting motion, positions, and related characteristics of an object by annotating different locations with certain sequences of points on an object in a video. The typical use cases of key point annotation include healthcare, sports, workout apps, motion detection apps, and others. Our video annotation experts provide key point annotation services perfectly.

Polygon Annotation

This annotation scheme is used for labeling polygons for better accuracy. In this technique, the apexes of an object are marked with a point and all apexes are connected to generate a better interpretation of the size, shape, and other characteristics of an object. Our video labeling specialists provide polygon annotation services correctly.

3D Point Cloud Annotation

The 3D point cloud annotation is a type of annotation that provides deeper insight into the object’s shape, position, class, and other features. It is mostly used in Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) applications. It tracks, visualizes, and classifies through detailed annotation with the help of a huge number of points in a cloudy way (multi-dimensional) to get the most accurate information about the object. Our video annotation specialists provide 3D point cloud annotation services accurately.

Main Industries Where Our Video Labelers Can Help

Our video labelers are for almost all types of industries across the globe. The most important industries that our video annotators serve perfectly include:

Autonomous Cars

According to   Statista forecast, the market size of the autonomous car industry is expected to reach $37.22 billion by 2023 with double-digit growth. It is expected that more than 75% of all cars will have different levels (L1, L2, L3) of autonomous driving features by 2025. The specialists we hire can serve this industry professionally.  


The specialists we recruit can serve the robotics industry perfectly by providing a wide range of training datasets for AI projects. According to   Allied Market Research forecast, the robotics industry would reach $189.36 billion by 2027 from just $62.75 billion in 2020 with a whopping growth of over 13.5% CAGR.


Medical imaging, smart records, drug development, disease predictions and treatment, and diagnostics are a few major use cases in healthcare. The video specialists we recruit can serve in those domains perfectly. 

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

A wide range of methods based on deep learning (DL), artificial intelligence (AI), and other machine learning models are used in UAV development and operations. This size of the industry is to reach   $58.4 billion by 2026. The specialists we hire can serve this industry effectively.

3 Models Cooperation We Offer

We provide three distinct collaboration options through our video annotation service to cater to your annotation demands and enhance your machine learning model’s quality. Each option is crafted to align with various project needs and can be customized to your preferences.

Managed Video Annotation Service:

Suitable for extensive projects that demand diverse annotation styles and have a set completion timeframe.

Part-Time Annotation Specialist:

This approach is apt for smaller projects that need consistent oversight and attention.

Full-Time Annotation Specialist:

For projects that necessitate a committed full-time video annotation professional over an extended period, this method is the most appropriate.

As a company specializing in video annotations, we recognize the critical nature of accurate annotations. Our team boasts extensive experience across various sectors, enabling us to tailor solutions to your unique requirements. Opting for our video annotation services allows you to dedicate more time and resources to expanding your business.

Choose Us as a Reliable Partner for Building Data Labeler Teams Remotely

We are a trustworthy and remote recruitment service provider company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We assist our valued customers from almost all types of industries and across the globe in the outsourced hiring of video annotators, video labelers, audio annotators, text labelers, and other types of data annotators to build dedicated remote teams in Ukraine, one of the most attractive hubs for outsourcing. Our company believes in developing highly reliable business relationships with our partners through consistent services, great values, and awesome user experience. Top reasons to partner with us include:

  • Greater quality/cost ratio Our services are powered by a bigger ratio of quality/cost factor, which helps our customers achieve their business goals more effectively while maintaining cost-levels at the lower side.
  • Competitive rates Our company offers highly reasonable and fixed prices without any hidden charges in the marketplace. This makes the end-user services of our client companies more affordable to achieve competitive-edge in the market.
  • Comprehensiveness – The specialized team of our company provides end-to-end recruitment solutions to outsource video transcription, annotation, labeling and allied services. Our company provides HR consulting, human-resource sourcing, hiring, onboarding, scaling, and continual support under one roof.
  • Access to a large pool of talent Our services are powered by a large pool of talent in Ukraine that offers us the flexibility to choose the rightmost candidate with the right skills required for a particular project or task.
  • Ideal location – We are located at the central location in the world with a sizable band of overlapped working hours with major countries across Europe, North America, Indo-Pacific, Middle East and other regions. This improves communication and coordination among the teams tremendously.
reliable data labeling service provider

What Makes Our Video Annotation Services Stand Out from Market Competitors?

Trustworthiness Our company focuses on building a trustworthy and long-term relationship through customer-focused and solution-oriented services that our partners deserve.

Transparency We offer full transparency in our commitment, communication, and pricing schemes to provide you with a predictable environment for present requirements and future prospects.

Professionalism – Our team consists of highly professionals with customer-oriented behavior and solution-focused approach.

Commitment We live up 100% to our commitments made with our clients.

Continual Support – Our team keeps in touch with our clients for any kinds of future support and timely scaling up of your team.  

Additional Data Annotation Services We Offer

Video annotation

Audio transcription

LiDAR annotation

Content moderation

Audio annotation & classification

Image annotation & segmentation

Product categorization

How Can We Assist in Outsourcing
Video Annotation Team

Outsource video annotation to a reliable video annotation company to save time and resources while ensuring the quality and accuracy of your annotations. At our data labeling outsourcing company, we can help you build and manage a remote video annotation team to meet your project requirements.

Our outsource video annotation services include:

Recruitment consulting

We can help you find the right video annotation specialists for your team, providing recruitment consulting services to help you attract and retain top talent.

Team building

We will offer you video annotation services for computer vision that are best suited to your project needs, taking into account factors such as team size, skill level, and project requirements.

Setting up remote video annotation tools and processes

Our team will help you set up the necessary tools and processes for remote video annotation, such as software, hardware, and communication platforms.

Implementation of remote processes for effective collaboration

our video labeling company will work with your team to ensure that remote communication and collaboration processes are in place and effective, such as using video conferencing, project management tools, and messaging platforms.

Managing and monitoring the remote video annotation outsourcing team

Our team of experts will manage and monitor your remote video annotation team to ensure that they are meeting project requirements and deadlines.

Implement strategies to motivate and retain team members

We can implement strategies to motivate and retain your remote video labeling service team members, such as providing training and development opportunities, performance evaluations, and incentives.

With our video annotation solutions, we can provide accurate and consistent annotations for computer vision applications, such as object detection, tracking, and recognition. Our video labeling services are suitable for various industries, including healthcare, automotive, retail, and more.

If you are looking for professional-grade AI/ML data annotation services,
get in touch with us and hire a remote image labeler now!

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